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1.25G SFP Transceiver 850nm DDM LC 550 Meters

  • Double/Single LC optical interface
  • Hot swap, in line with SFP MASA and SFF-8472 requirements
  • FP LD launch or launch DFB LD
  • PIN PD or APD PD receives reception
  • Metal packaging, good EMI and EMC performance
  • Work rate: 155M-1.25Gbps
  • Transmission distance: 500m-120km


ForTronix 1.25G SFP Transceiver 850nm DDM LC 550 Meters

The ForTronix 1.25G SFP Transceiver 850nm DDM LC 550 Meters widely used in telecommunication networks and data transmission networks. And to meet the appropriate industry standards and norms, it supports rates from 155Mbps to 10Gbps. Moreover, the transmission distance from 550M to 120KM optional. Besides, ForTronix has advanced technology, superior products and quality services. And it has double/single LC optical interface. Moreover, its metal packaging has good EMI and can secure its best performance. Its transmission distance ranges from 500 meters to 120 kilometers.
In addition, this SFP Transceiver is compatible with most 3COM™, Cisco™, Lucent™ and Nortel™ networks.

ForTronix’s FT SFP/SFP+/XFP Transceiver Series

ForTronix’s FT SFP/SFP+/XFP Transceiver Series is one of the most complete solutions in current transceiver market. They  widely used in telecommunication networks, data transmission networks, Ethernet, SDH / SONET, storage (SAN), MAN, WAN, CWDM / DWDM wavelength division transport networks and video surveillance
Additionally, these transceivers are backed by a one year warranty and free lifetime technical support.

ForTronix focus on the research and production of Video Surveillance Cameras, Video Recorders, PoE Switches, Fiber Media Converters, SFP, XFP, XENPAK, SFP+ Transceivers, etc. We accept OEM and ODM services for fiber optical technologies, Ethernet technologies and the integration of broadband access technologies.  ForTronix is growing to become one of the leading companies in worldwide security and telecommunication field.
We are here to provide high quality technology products and value-added experience anytime and anywhere. We also endeavor to create a more humanized techniques, labor resources management, and to offer cost-effective products by our lean manufacturing supply chain materials. Our mission is to provide customers with “on time” solutions, quick and effective customer support, and valuable products with extended service life. When it comes to partnership, we will be a good catch. Billy Cundiff Womens Jersey


Product Name 1.25G SFP Transceiver 850nm DDM LC 550 Meters
Applications PDH, SDH, SONET, Ethernet, Fiber Channel

Order Infomation

Product Model Data Rate Distance Wavelength Power(dbm) Sensitivity(dbm)
FS-8512-5 1.25 Gbps 550m 850nm VCSEL -9.5~-3.5 <-18、PIN
FS-1312-20 1.25 Gbps 20km 1310nm FP -9~-3 <-20、PIN
FS-1312-40 1.25 Gbps 40km 1310nm?DFB -5~0 <-24、PIN
FS-1512-80 1.25 Gbps 80km 1550nm DFB 0~5 <-26、PIN
FS-1312-120 1.25 Gbps 120km 1550nm DFB 0~5 <-32、APD
FS-8524-5 2.488?Gbps 550m 850nm VCSEL -10~-3 <-18、PIN
FS-1324-20 2.488?Gbps 20km 1310nm?DFB -5~0 <-18、PIN
FS-1324-40 2.488?Gbps 40km 1310nm?DFB -2~3 <-20、PIN
FS-1524-80 2.488?Gbps 80km 1550nm DFB 0~3 <-28、APD
FS-XX12-40 1.25 Gbps 40km CWDM?DFB -5~0 <-12、PIN
FS-XX12-80 1.25 Gbps 80km CWDM?DFB 0~5 <-26、PIN
FS-XX12-120 1.25 Gbps 120km CWDM?DFB 0~5 <-32、PIN
FS-CXX12-40 1.25 Gbps 40km DWDM?DFB -5~0 <-24、PIN
FS-CXX12-80 1.25 Gbps 80km DWDM?DFB 0~5 <-26、PIN
FS-CXX12-120 1.25 Gbps 120km DWDM?DFB 0~5 <-32、PIN
FS-XX24-40 2.488?Gbps 40km CWDM?DFB -2~3 <-24、PIN
FS-XX24-80 2.488?Gbps 80km CWDM?DFB 0~5 <-28、APD
FS-CXX24-40 2.488?Gbps 40km DWDM?DFB -2~3 <-20、PIN
FS-CXX24-80 2.488?Gbps 80km DWDM?DFB 0~5 <-28、APD

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