Industrial Ethernet Solutions
ForTronix manufacture industrial level products that will help you with all your connection and surveillance requirements. We believe that you have specific requirements for Ethernet issues, so we have designed switches that will cater to these.

Our industrial Ethernet switches offer a large number of ports compact in the one box. The industrial level ports are able to adapt to a number of speed, and we have switches that are able to be used in harsh environments including factories and warehouses. We manufacture a number of industrial level products including Ethernet switches, conversion solutions and PoE switches.
Designed specifically for industry-level requirements
We know that big industries and companies have different demands than those from smaller enterprises or for home equipment. From media access to surveillance, we have a huge range of heavy duty switches and converters for industrial companies. Our switches are designed with a number of ports to keep things clean and compact, and are made of quality materials, easy to use and are easily maintained. You can leave your cable and Ethernet concerns to the experts, and get on with doing your own work.

At ForTronix, we are invested in providing you with high quality Ethernet solutions for your company. We take pride in superior customer service from our qualified engineers and staff. We aspire to constantly innovate in our company and supply you with the best technology available.

Check out our range of industrial Ethernet products, or contact us online for all enquiries.