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Smart City Solution

As cities continuing grow in number, size and complexity, their infrastructures and services come under increasing pressure. Keeping cities safe is critical. Safe city attracts investments, businesses, and skilled labor necessary for economic growth and development. Vandalism, traffic violations and crime can put local communities and property at risk. IP surveillance cameras and fiber optical

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Electric Power Industry Solution

With rising value of scrap metal and struggling economies throughout the world, theft of copper and other materials is on the rise. Surveillance is increasing at energy substations, power plants and other critical infrastructure locations in attempt to deter thieves from cashing in stolen copper wiring, aluminum doors and other materials at scrap yards or metal melting facilities.

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Highway HD Video Monitoring Solution

ForTronix’s video surveillance and fiber optic products are used worldwide for traffic monitoring tasks to increase overall public safety. The wide range of PTZ cameras, fiber converters, and managed switches can assist perfectly in the most critical traffic monitoring conditions, ensuring high resolution video quality with a flexible IP camera and managed Ethernet switch. The

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