HUAWEI Lead China 5G Test to Complete the Field Performance Test

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HUAWEI Lead China 5G Test to Complete the Field Performance Test


Recently, in IMT 2020 (5G) Chinese 5G technology test second stage test to promote the group organization, HUAWEI completed the first 3.5GHz band field performance test of 5G – NR, ITU – R system performance meet the definition of indicators, and with the industry many instruments, chip manufacturers through mutual docking test, test results meet the requirements of specification, a positive effect on the second stage Chinese 5G test.

The second stage China 5G test by IMT2020 (5G) to promote the group specific organization, test group consists of China Information Communication Research Institute, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and DOCOMO of Beijing. And following the November 20, 2016 IMT 2020 (5G) to promote the group released second stage China 5G test specification, test group in late 2016 and early 2017 in Beijing, Huairou set up the first 5G field. And launched the exchange docking test the air interface performance test and equipment manufacturers and industry instruments, chip manufacturers, marking the China 5G test in second stages officially kicked off.

New Prototype System

The test group test specification based on the requirements of the first to complete the exchange docking test HUAWEI 5G prototype system with many industry vendors, interoperability testing of the new air interface parameters are defined in the current 3GPP based on NR standard set, frame structure and new wave technology, the test results meet the requirements of specification. The test instrument enterprises involved in docking Rhodes and Schwartz, is the German technology, Datang joint instrument, starpoint, Spirent, chip companies Spreadtrum communications, mediatek. In the air interface performance test, HUAWEI tested its leading unified air interface solutions that meet the performance index of the ITU three scenes in a set of air interface scheme. Besides, achieving 10Gbps throughput, connection number is less than the 1ms air interface and delay greater than 1 million.

In addition, Yang Chaobin, President of HUAWEI 5G product line, said, unlike the test of 3G / 4G era, the Chinese 5G test is not in the standard version of the case, in advance of the technology to verify, and help to promote the development of 5G standards. Interoperability testing and docking industry, the industrial chain, strengthen the ripening of 5G exploration of new business models and industry cooperation, has a positive role in promoting. Moreover, 5G test work requires not only operators, equipment providers, but also the need to join the industry partners to jointly hatch a variety of vertical industry applications, the construction of 5G healthy ecosystem.”

5G Stage Is Coming

The key stage of 5G development process is from the early stage of basic research into the concept, demand and breakthrough testing, which is IMT2020 (5G) to promote the second stage group led Chinese demands 5G test. HUAWEI will continue to work hard to promote the process of 5G industry through the technical advantages of long-term reserves and industry cooperation platform. Marvin Jones Jr Jersey


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