NeoPhotonics Come out Its PAM4 400G Pluggable CFP8 Module

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NeoPhotonics Come out Its PAM4 400G Pluggable CFP8 Module

NeoPhotonics PAM4 400G CFP8 Module

NeoPhotonics recently announced that the company has begun to sample 400G CFP8 transceiver module, this product is designed for data center interconnection and client telecommunications applications and design. The sample of the CFP8 module represents the first step towards the NeoPhotonics data center and client application 400G roadmap.

NeoPhotonics’s 400G CFP8 module fully utilizes the company’s high speed device technology, including its 28 Gbaud high performance and low power EML as well as its high speed PIN photodiode (PAM4). And the CFP8 module used in NeoPhotonics 100G on the LR4 module on the market deployment of the high yield and after 28 Gbaud component platform production verification, and use NeoPhotonics to focus on reducing power consumption while ensuring excellent high-speed performance of EML technology.

The 400G CFP8 NeoPhotonics transceiver for transmission distance up to 10 km of IEEE 802.3bs 400GBASELR8 / FR8 specifications.

“We are pleased to offer the 400G CFP8 module for customers, it not only extends our high product family, and by virtue of our proven high performance and production capacity, high density and high speed to provide an effective way.”

NeoPhotonics chairman and CEO Tim Jenks said. “We believe that the 400G PAM4 CFP8 solutions to meet the urgent needs of the market, but also firmly demonstrated our leading position in the 400G.” Mr. Jenks added. Brian Propp Authentic Jersey


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