The New PTN Solution Upgrades Optical Network

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The New PTN Solution Upgrades Optical Network

The restructuring of China’s telecommunication makes telecom operators’ dream to do business on the whole become a reality. While the 3G license make the operators realize broadband mobile business.

“New PTN Solution is Coming Out!”

China’s telecom operations have full access to broadband mobile, and all the business of communication industry. It is both an opportunity and challenge for the optical network industry, because it requires fiber optic network with more abundant fiber routing, more perfect network structure, more sufficient transmission bandwidth allocation, offering more flexible and convenient services, and more efficient and reliable business. In order to meet such demand, in 2009, Shanghai Bell, launched PTN optical network solutions, which based on flexible configuration of ” ZTP, Zero – Touch Photonics” ,WDM/ROADM solutions across multiple levels of multi-layer and intelligent optical network solution.

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