2 years of telecommunications’s 26 billion investm

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2 years of telecommunications’s 26 billion investm

2 years of telecommunications’s 26 billion investment in Shanghai to achieve FTTH in 2012 News April 29, announced that China Telecom has signed an agreement with the Shanghai Municipal Government. The next 2 years of 26 billion investment in Shanghai, of which 130 billionyuan focused in the construction of information infrastructure, will fulfill the capacity of FTTH inShanghai.

“26 billion yuan investment in Shanghai during next two years.”

Shanghai Municipal People’s Government of China Telecom signed the framework agreement in April 28 in Shanghai. It is reported that China Telecom will view Shanghai as key region of network and business development, and invest 26 billion yuan in Shanghai during next two years in order to provide full network and comprehensive information service for the goal of building Shanghai as”four centers” and the international metropolis of socialist modernism.
The two sides agreed to focus on strengthening cooperation in the following five areas between 2009 and2010., namely, to increase network investment and stimulate economic growth;vigorously promote employment and improve the people’s livelihood; positively serve in the Expo,to enhance the level of information; to promote the “two” integration and promote industrial structure; to improve service quality and enhance service capabilities.
Full implementation of broadband speed in Shanghai Under the agreement, China Telecom will invest 13.0 billion for the construction of information infrastructure, and actively promote the city’s economic growth will gradually build Shanghai as an important hub of information and communication in the Asia-Pacific. China Telecom will focus on fiber optic cable construction of the international sea and the construction of high-grade and data enter for Disaster Recovery Center; build “city-optical networks,” and improve the capacity of broadband access to network; build a “wireless city”, and build a wireless high-speed broadband network in the whole city. As a global partnership World Expo in 2010, China Telecom will also invest 800 million yuan to build a special high-level Information Infrastructure of Expo area to promote the world’s leading information in the application of EXPO.

At the same time, China Telecom will fully implement broadband speed in Shanghai to achieve the capacity of 2Mbps broadband Internet access in 2009; meanwhile, achieve the ability of Fiber to the Home Basic and urban areas access of more than the bandwidth capacity of 20Mbps. China Telecom will be the first in Shanghai to open “international train” service, and gradually in the CBD Central Business District, Hi-Tech Park, Industrial Park and other business-intensive areas, as foreign enterprises in Shanghai to provide high-quality broadband access services. At the same time, China Telecom will improve service levels, introduce telecommunications of full-service “good service in short time,” which means providing service of not more than five minutes of processing time for users who apply to various types of telecommunication services.

It is know that the development of the service industry rely on information and communication.Located in Shanghai, China Telecom’s video operations center and global customer service centers and call centers will support entrepreneurship and promote effective employment with nearly thousands of jobs within 2 years.

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