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Leaders in world-class Fiber Optics and Ethernet solutions

ForTronix is an integrated high-tech manufacturer of world-class fiber optics, video surveillance products and networking communication equipment. We provide customers with the latest in video surveillance, fiber optics and networking communication equipment.

With technological advancements at the forefront of our security and communication, it’s important for industries to keep up with them. Finding the right products to ensure you have up-to-date systems can be time consuming, but with ForTronix, we can help you speed up the process.

We have an extensive knowledge of the technology necessary for a number of infrastructures and industries, and we supply you with that knowledge. Instead of worrying about what products are right for you, leave it to us to find the right pick.

Media converters and switches for your technology

Whether you are a commercial business looking for the right surveillance or a company who needs the right tools for a fast-paced brand, we can help you get the right equipment. We manufacture and sell a number of useful products, including:

  • Fiber optic media converters
  • Fiber optic network switches
  • Ethernet media converters
  • Ethernet to fiber converters
  • Fiber optic switches
  • Single mode to multimode fiber converters
  • and many more.

We endeavour to provide the best quality technology products that will add value to your experience. We manufacture world-class products including for managed conversion, fiber conversion and industrial Ethernet solutions.

ForTronix incorporated high quality technology with professional engineers and staff to give our customers a premium experience. From the simplicity of the application and to the streamline design of our products. We work hard with our customers and value their input. We endeavour to create long-lasting partnerships with businesses and help them incorporate effective solutions.

Take a look at our supply online today, or contact us for any complex enquiries.

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